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A couple of other things to think about before you splash your bucks (or quids!) on radio advertising...

Firstly, it's pretty poorly targeted. Now, you may get your ads played on a show that appeals to your target audience; but they're listening for music, not ads, and you've no idea if they have a need right now for what you're offering.

Secondly, distractions abound. Those 73% of American adults listening in their cars really shouldn't be scribbling down phone numbers or web addresses. And by the time they get to the end of their journey they've probably been through a dozen sets of lights, got lost and stared at 500 license plates. So they're not going to remember your ad when they get home.

Thirdly, it's fleeting. You get at most 30 seconds to grab your audience, sell them on the benefits of what you're offering, and then hook them in. So what do the radio stations do? They try to convince you to use a stupid jingle. There are more sophisticated ways to get your message over!

I'm not saying it doesn't work. But will it deliver you a reliable return on your investment that's better than you'll get through targeted direct mail, a really hot website, or any of the other alternatives? Hard to say.

Final note. The reason I believe radio advertising is such big business is because naive business owners are seduced by the ego boost of hearing their company name on the radio. It's a little bit exciting and it feels like you're doing something "big". Successful advertising and marketing isn't about making your CEO, owner, manager or anyone else in the company feel warm and fuzzy - it's about making money.

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