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While studying your competition will definitely give you a good grounding for information about your target audience, that's where it will leave you. If you can't do something better or different than your competitors then you will simply be hidden in the pack.

Target Audience is a huge topic, with many different facets to take into account. I won't get into them all too much (because it's late) but I'll list off a few things that are as important when defining your audience.

Is you audience a broad one? – you may want to target a specific niché within it. One your competitors have neglected.

Make sure this audience is who you want to sell to. By following the competitors lead you, they dfine your audience which in turn defines your business. if you don't want to deal with this audience day in and out then you'll probably find the work tedious. Never good a business wanting to last.

It may be less about the product and more about the audience. Moving on from the last point. If you have a particular type of demography you love to do business with, then it may be worth while letting the audience pick your product by supplying a demand that your particular demography needs. You'll more than likely enjoy the work since you enjoy the people.

These are just a few things to think about.

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