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Default What Needs A B2B Online Shop In North America To Be Successful?

Hello together!
Im from Germany and I do a small project for my final exam to industrial clerk.

The topic is a "Requirement analysis of a B2B (B2B means transactions between business to business) Online shop in North America" and I find a lot of points, but for me it is not enough! ;-)

Therefore I want ask this special question into the free world, because I think you, speciel the people who live in America can answer a lot of points.
I think I find all about the standard things. I am talking about the functions/requirments I may have forgotten, because they are special. For example, in Germany it is normally to ask at registration after birth. In America, however, is not asked. Or in America you use other shipping methods and payment methods in a Online shop. Or on which points are placed a lot of emphasis?

So maybe you could tell me some interesting and important points! :-)
Just write what comes to your mind! ;-) The more the better!

Best regards!

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