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I agree with Anita. I thought the article had some good suggestions regarding structuring your day, motivating yourself and time out for good behavior. It's easy to find yourself in front of your computer 10 hours a day and motivating yourself and remaining focused can be hard with numerous distractions.

However, I do not have children. But, if I did, I do not think I would hire an outside babysitter - so I do see how that suggestion may seem unrealistic and do agree that many people choose to work from home because they WANT to be with their children.

I thought the last suggestion regarding moving out of your home was funny, too. But hey. . .let's face it - if your business is doing well - and you have a couple employees working from your home (as the situation was described) - I could see expanding outside of the home and would definitely consider it - if that were the case. My home isn't big enough to handle a situation like that.

And it wouldn't really bother me to be in that situation again - BECAUSE I'M THE BOSS THIS TIME! Really different situation as opposed to being employed in an environment by someone else. So, as long as I'm calling the shots - I really don't care where it's from.

Glad to get everyone all fired up! Next post, I promise, I'll be more considerate of the parent's working from home!! But it was nice to hear everyone's thoughts on that topic - good and bad - so thanks to all for responding!

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