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My primary and current business is as a Security Consultant and Researcher. I run a security information website providing security related information to small and medium sized businesses. Information includes computer security, physical and fraud. I started this business after working with small and medium sized businesses in a security consulting role for this market. From this I realized how hard it is for most businesses to find relevant security information for their business so I made our website to be that for them, covering all areas of security. Currently I don't sell anything on the site but have plans of providing some information products on it as I develop them as well as providing consulting services.

I am also in the process of adding a couple of other businesses including a local tech service business and another website geared towards survival. Lastly, I am looking at adding a part-time martial arts and self defense school here in the fall of this year.

Lost my day job this year so transitioning into nothing but my own businesses. Exciting time but also there is nothing to fall back on since don't have a day job anymore but the positive is that now I have time to ramp of these businesses where I did not before. I have done more in the past month then I had accomplished in year previously to this.

Great to be on this forum and see all the great businesses and business ideas out there.

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