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Originally Posted by bigd1026 View Post
Can someone give me an idea where I can find a list of copy writers to contact?
I would like to offer my services as a web based research specialist. My aim is to make life easier for the copy writer to do what they do best......write. If there is a list please let me know.
Thanks............ Dennis
Errr nope to your first question. Yes, I do have a comprehensive list including many of the worlds top copywriters (many of us know each other personally) but there is no good beneficial reason why any copywriter such as myself would outsource this all important task.

You see, if I am to uncover the benefits of any one particular product (goods or services included) then before I even commit pen to paper, I want to understand personally this business model inside out.

This prerequisite, this research stage is incredibly important to me, indeed it is the very foundation upon which their (my clients) copy will be written. Outsourcing this would not be in my personal interest or the interest of my client at all.

How on earth would you even know (the research outsourcer) in advance what questions to ask of my client, which knowledge and answers in my own mind I needed to know whilst exploring any one particular route to market?

Further, not just coming up with these very specific unordered questions, how would you know how and when to ask these questions without understanding inside out my own businesss model?

Your business idea is flawed inside out for these reasons. It's a non goer. Forget it. The market you're interested in helping (for monetary compensation) all pro copywriters carry out this all important part of the process themselves.

It's part and parcel of what we do in order to position and brand our clients good, products, and services to best effect.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews

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