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Default Job What Job! I Can't Work For Other People!

This is what I do. I make a full time income from home and not one of my businesses cost over $25! I love the freedom. Can't stand lazy excuse makers. Here's how I did it. In February of 2008 my manager at Sears came by and made one of her usual condescending remarks and tried walking away without feedback. I caught up to her and said, "In less than six months I will be leaving Sears and NEVER will I look back"! Her reply, "Yeah right, keep dreaming Brad". On February 25th I shot my first YouTube video. I shot two to three videos a day while I was working and in four months I was able to quietly walk in, clock in, say goodbye to the nice people (none of them were managers) clock out and I have NEVER looked back! My best day so far is $1800. I am currently building a retirement style residual income from a $10 program...

Brad Kamanski

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