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Hi Everyone..

I own IdeaBox Marketing &'s a company that is dedicated to making small businesses successful...these are the companies that have little to no marketing & advertising budgets.

We have multiple streams of income, they include:

Building 20 page, content based websites utilizing 500-1,000 keywords;
A number of licensing agreements between companies;
Portal Websites (i.e. a site about hardwood flooring - we sell unlimited pages on this site to small flooring companies for $47 per month...this way, they have a presence on the web with very little cost to them). We have a number of these sites covering areas such as hardwood flooring, screen printing of t-shirts & professional trainers.

We offer a number of ideas on how to build traffic for their existing websites.

We also just came up with offering non-profits a FREE 10 page website for only a small fee (hosting) each month.

Another area of our business is to come up with marketing/advertising ideas for little or no money...for example, anytime you pay your business or personal bills, be sure to include your business card or brochure in the envelope. You never know how many people see that payment...

We've been in business for almost 2 years now, and have done very well...we operating in southern california...and at last count, in Riverside County where we are, there are over 180,000 small businessess...

Looking forward to hearing what you guys do...

Barry Davis

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