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SpongeBob13! Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by SpongeBob13
a) Is it real that the common Small Business Person has access to all the Blogs that originally created your Viral Marketing traffic?
Yes, it is real. As Logan pointed out anyone can network, get involved with forums, blogs, etc.

A small business person has to learn to get out there and get known. And for the shy folks among us (me included), it's not as scary as it may sound. A great way to get known is hanging out in forums and contributing your time and energy to helping others. Even if you are the person that just greets every new visitor and says hi. Lisa Spaulding (divshow) is the perfect example of this. She became a member last year when our forum was brand new. She welcomed every new visitor that arrived. We got used to seeing her name pop up all the time and would check out her site. I ended up buying a bunch of gifts from her store last year for Christmas because I knew about her and she carries neat gifts that I can use for my "hard to buy for" list of gift recipients.

Another example is a lady named Kelly McCausey. She has a site called Work at Home Moms Talk Radio

Kelly's name pops up all over the place in work at home mom blogs and forums. She consistently contributed her time to helping others and built a name for herself. Now she is the wahm talk radio lady.

I could easily provide a dozen more examples of people that built their name by giving their time to others first. Anyone can do this.

b) The event itself generates traffic, how can the average Small Business Person expect to repeat that effect?
Create your own event. Come up with your own article series. Hold a contest. Etc. Do something that creates buzz.

Personally I've sent out over 400 emails for recip links. This has resulted in about a dozen responses, of which, Google has tracked only 1!
Which is why I don't send out recip link requests. I don't think I sent a single one for this site. Spending time creating content is much more productive, as Logan pointed out.

This exercise seems more akin to Martha Stewart saying to the girl scout, watch how I sell brownies. Martha immeadiately goes to her speed dialer and starts making calls
No, it's more akin to Martha handing the girl scout her brownies recipe, marketing manual, and list of contacts.

It's up to the girl scout to choose to either be inspired or discouraged because her name isn't Martha.

I've started a small business web site...
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By the way, I'm jealous of your avatar.

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