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It's refreshing to read people who understand the importance of customer resource management (CRM). I used ACT way back when but gave up on it because of the free stuff that's out there.

The issue is the learning curve for many. ACT is sleek, easy to use and built for the sales person. It's easy for the most part.

I have found that Outlook is an easier option for the end user only because most of my clients are Office users. They are already using Outlook for basic email and the newer version (2003) is a little more CRM friendly.

Another suggestion, depending on your invoicing software and methods, you might consider hiring a local company to create a CRM for you. Many times it's not as complicated as it sounds, only takes a few weeks and if you compare the price verses buying dozens of licenses of ACT, it may even be cheaper. The bottom line is if it is built around your core data, to do exactly what you want it to do and in a manner that is comfortable for you, it may be worth 10 times the cost of a boxed solution.

My advice, "keep it simple." It's commonly the most obvious answer that is obscured by complexity.


On a common thread, I've decided to use a local company who will integrate the CRM with the phone system, QuickBooks and MS Office. It's almost too good to be true. I've seen it in action and it blew me away. I'll post more on it when I implement it. I'm giving it a 90 day trial for my small office and if it does what I hope, I will add the software and hardware to the travel agency and a large retail organization I am influential with.

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