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Thanks to all for your comments.
I work for a small company so can't use CRM software that costs every month.

I like ACT because it is a great way to keep everything together. Write letters, make notes, do call reports, make appointments, it also alarms when I need to remember to do something, does mailers and...

But I still hate that I'm having problems printing with it. I have to write the letter in ACT, then cut and past the letter to Word, then print it from Word. Which is annoying, at the least.

And since ACT sold to some other company, they no longer answer problem questions, like mine. So I can't do a mailer!!!

For anyone out there who doesn't use a CRM (Customer Relationship Database), you are missing the boat. You just can't be as organized or as efficient without one!

As for learning how to use it, I bought an ACT for Dummies book. But I still can't get it to print mailers. (it used to, but doesn't anymore)

I tried Goldmine and Sales Pro but they have to be learned too. And I wasn't able to import the data from ACT into either Goldmine or Sales Pro so lost interest fast.

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