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Hello, thank you for joining in with our forum. The new member introduction section is helpful because we get to learn more about you as you join, and you get familiar with using the forum. New member's posts are premoderated to help avoid spam so they don't always show up right away.

You can add a signature link by clicking on My Settings in the top left now that you've joined. If you add a link to your company/website then that will show up at the bottom of your posts. Members can then visit your website and become more familiar with you if they choose as you provide help and advice to others with the forum. Maybe if your advice is really good then they'll choose your business.

We also allow members to share articles that they have on their website. A few guidelines are posted here that we ask that you follow

The forum rules are located here

An Absolute Beginner Guide to the Forum is here

And if you are interested in advertising on the forum or the website then feel free to contact me.

We'd love to hear more and learn from your expertise.

Welcome aboard

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