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Default The big picture

Have been going through, some very interesting replies to this question. Have seen answers ranging from notepad, dreamviewer, ruby on rails, magento and so on.

There are softwares and there are tools. While notepad, dreamviewer, editplus are tools, html, php, mysql, ruby, magento and so on are softwares.

Here is an example

Lets say you are into the business of selling paper and you want to build a website that gives information to the users. You will have pages such as home page, contact us, about us, prices and so on. Here user can only read and do nothing else. For this the only software you will use is html and the tool to build this html will be either notepad, dreamviewer and so on.

Next say you want to display a form where interested users can fill in their details and it will be emailed to you. Also you want to provide an utility where users can select quality of paper, color and quantity. On selection they will be shown the price for their selections. To achieve this you will need php in addition to html. Here you can again use notepad or dreamviewer or go for specialized IDE (Integrated development environment) like eclipse or aptana.

Next, you want to sell your paper online. Here you will need a shopping cart or e-commerce software. It can be magento, oscommerce, zen-cart, virtue mart or any of the several others available.

Finally, if your content is likely to change frequently ie. the number and type of pages vary then you should go for a content management system like joomla, drupal, wordpress and so on. Though I personally feel Joomla is the best.

Hope this helps.


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