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Originally Posted by ronsidney View Post
I am in process of adding a free pdf download to get people to visit my site..It was suggested by a friend of mine who is helping me learn SEO..I am very knowledgeable about my industry(vending and coin operated amusements) and i have posted in forums for years just passing the time.

Is what i hope is like you mentioned is that people will link to my site so they can get the free download(id say competing manuals sell for $25 or so)

are you saying (the last guy who responded) that this is bad idea??

also..there is this seo guy that helped me build website the wants me to hire him to post links to my site in network he has of like 500 articles/blogs...He said this will really bring me up in the rankings as they are all highly ranked sites.

I read a few of them and they seem dumb as the guy is actually in Europe and i don't think the writers know my business too well..Is this something that should be a no no also??

you guys are great for helping newbies like me..thank you

and also i noticed alot of new guys posting their link in their responses but when i tried to put one in mine (as i was told i need to put in everywhere possible) it was deleted by moderator?? Do i really look like a spammer here??

thanks again
I wasn't saying that it was a bad idea I was just saying that is not what Link Bait is.

I think people would stay on your pdf page more if it had a relevant title though. People will click on a spoof title like that more but they are more likely to close it right away if the article in your pdf has nothing to do with the title like that.

use a relevant title for better click through rates, lower bounce rates, and more convertions (if you are trying to lead them somewhere to buy something with that pdf)

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