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Well, I don't agree with either of you entirely I don't think the Yellow Pages are useless and I don't think they are THE source..

I for one have been an extremely heavy Internet user since the mid 90's. I have personally had very little use for the Yellow Pages because I do all my searching on the web.

Thing is, I just placed an ad in two directories anyhow.. Why? Because I learned a long time ago that I can't run my business based on what I do and what my habits are day to day. Not everyone does everything like me..

For my business (Live Answering Services) I think most business owners think of an answering service as a local thing. What I mean is traditionally people forward their phones to an answering service and you need something that's a local call or it gets expensive. Of course, this doesn't matter with us because we give our customers a toll-free number. In any case, people think of this as a service they want to buy local. In my opinion, most small business owners would probably look int he Yellow Pages when searching for a local answering service, unless of course they breathe eat and sleep the Internet like me.

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