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We manage Yellow Page Advertising for clients all over the US. While we constantly hear business owners who have had some success with online adverting preach the future death of the Yellow Pages, it's hard for us to imagine a 14 billion dollar a year industry vanishing overnight. It's also worth noting that as more businesses migrate to online advertising, the competition goes up, and ROI goes down, making adverting in both mediums (online and Yellow Pages) the obvious answer.

fonewiz is also right on the money with the comment "I can't run my business based on what I do and what my habits are day to day. Not everyone does everything like me.." Very true!

When consulting clients interested in moving a portion of their advertising budgets into the online realm, we always surveying their local markets before we determine the right Yellow Page to online mix. One of the benefits of the Internet is the ability to see if you are in a market where people are turning to the computer first and letting those Yellow Page directories collect dust in the kitchen drawer. If the search market is not there it's probably not the best idea to dump your Yellow Page advertising.

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