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see if you are in a market where people are turning to the computer first and letting those Yellow Page directories collect dust in the kitchen drawer. If the search market is not there it's probably not the best idea to dump your Yellow Page advertising.
I agree, and over the years have the impression that the small/medium city markets are typically the ones where the yellow pages remain important while it is the largest metro cities where they are less important. Of course if you are running yp ads you should have a good feel for if it is working, but if considering a new area for yp - consider if the town/city is small/medium/large. If the town is small or medium are yellow pages more important?

I also agree regarding some of the contrary experiences with 'what they are looking for' ... and personally I wouldn't be so quick to ditch the extra cost of color as mentioned in the article. I've had some success with single color simple ads. Ads are printed in order of size/how long been advertising. If you are new to the book, consider the size and location of where your ad will be placed. As with any marketing, consider where your ad is going to be placed versus others.

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