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Default I Must Respectfully Disagree.

Originally Posted by Linda

"Remember, the Yellow Pages is generally a reference tool. People look for a name they recognize (or can't remember) or for a name given by a friend. Your ad should help them remember. The only other use of the Yellow Pages is to look for an emergency services. That's why you see lots of tow truck ads and no ads from Sears. Design your ad accordingly."
Just re-read this quote above, and wanted to [respectfully] disagree...

Actually, most people who turn to the Yellow Pages have NO company in mind. The average prospect is not looking for a particular telephone number, they are looking for information that will help them to choose one company over another for a particular product or service need.

Emergency services are a popular search, but by no means "the only other" use. Restaurants for example continue to be one of the most referenced headings in the Yellow Pages. As do golf courses, lawn services, dentists, and a host of other businesses outside of the business realm.

When a person has no company in mine, the Yellow Pages is THE resource people turn to.

Happy Advertising...

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