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I'm not sure how things operate in Laos. . .but some good old-fashioned flyer advertising may be a good place to begin. Flyers hung at major intersections in surrounding areas may direct more local customers to your restaurant. And any advertising in a local publication may be a minimal expense.

Branching out from that would be any local directories or possibly mailings. Postcards can be easily created on the computer and are a minimal expense to send. You could send someone around with the postcards or flyers to local business offices that have employees that may be interested in stopping by for lunch.

On a different note - one real consideration to increase your customer base may be to offer delivery service to local office establishments, business offices or homes. You could charge a minimal delivery fee and possibly send someone on the deliveries on a bicycle to surrounding areas. That way, your customers don't necessarily have to come into your shop. You bring your product to your customer.

You may also consider setting up a vendor table at the local market and selling your soup.

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