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Default A Little Failure Can Be A Good Thing

There was an inspiring guest on The Small Business Trends Radio Show last week covering the topic of confidence - and how it can be built through failures and resiliency.

Many of you have participated in a discussion here on the topic of intuition and your thoughts and comments have been enlightening and inspiring. With that in mind, I felt that this particular topic of failure and confidence would be a nice follow-up discussion.

All to often many of us ignore our gut and those tiny little warning systems that are primaly put into place. And when we do that, a failure may be the end result. And once you've suffered a failure, a lack of confidence may be the end result of the entire experience. This is in business as it is in life.

Our guest, Barry Moltz, is not only an entrepreneur that has suffered several failures - but he is a motivational speaker as well and has just released a new book titled, "Bounce." One common thread that I noticed in his teachings that is in line with the theory of the law of attraction is to "take control of your thoughts." Give yourself ample time to make the necessary adjustments and grieve, cry, scream - whatever it may be that you need to do. But then make a conscious effort to "take control of your thoughts."

Because it's so very true, if your thoughts are your fears - they will manifest themselves into your reality. And if your thoughts are your aspirations, they too will manifest themselves into your reality.

Barry shared a lot of good insight and thoughts into the topic of failure and confidence - how to turn lemons into lemonade.

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