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So I'm ready to help you and here is the list of methods and strategies that really work and will bring you benefits with combining it with your basic method. All anchor "dofollow" links should be "diluted" with the next links:

- Improve popular content, steal the links
- Group interviews (with 4+ members experts and they will share links to your blog on their sources)
- guest posting (should or can be the main method of linkbuilding)
- Broken link building (find broken links on authoritative websites, ask to replace them with yours)
- Missing link technique (find thematic posts and if your content of acceptor can complete and give an added value, ask to post the link to your website into the context of the article)
- Newsjacking
- Case Studies
- Old content update on donor pages
- Resource page linkbuilding (give the links to additional sources.
- Publishing insights and orginal data
- Influencers interviews
- Become a contributor
- HARO (write quality content, post it with the link)
- Inforgraphic, Music, Podcasts and many many many more. If you're interested any techniques in your niche I'll help yo to find it and discuss the best ways to make link building useful an bring you benefits

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