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If any of your intended audience work in an office environment, it's very likely the video-embedded email will be either sent to spam or rejected for being too large.

Speaking personally, unless the video is tiny, tiny, tiny, I'd be pretty annoyed if you were to slow down my system and/or overload my inbox by sending me a video I didn't ask for and may not even want.

To me, it's a bit like music that starts playing automatically when I hit a web page. Maybe I don't want to hear the music right then, or maybe I'm in a place where music isn't appropriate. It's rude and annoying and I will not visit again any site that imposes itself on me in that way.

Ditto with email that includes unasked-for video.

Don't assume that just because you like the video, I will like it, or that I'll want to see it, or that I'll be in a place where it's appropriate (or even possible) for me to view you video. If you want to send me a video, send me a link and let me choose whether to view it or not.



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