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Quick admin note: Typically we remove links from members with low post counts because they are usually self-promotion in disguise. Not intending offense but wanted to point that out to other new members wondering why this link was allowed.

With that said, I watched the video and it looks like a whole lot of fun. I could see people renting these for youth groups, kids' parties, etc.

But, have you searched for a more affordable alternative? I understand there are costs involved in production, shipping, etc. and from that perspective $500 each doesn't seem outrageous. Just looking at it from a new business perspective and it's always a good idea to look for competing products.

Also, take a look at other products in the same category that people would rent and research what they charge for rentals, look for customer feedback, etc. An example would be the inflatable sumo wrestling suits that can be rented. I know nothing about this company, but here is a link to one simply as an example:

They charge $249 a day which includes two suits, helmets, etc. At a comparable rate, it wouldn't take many rentals to cover the $500 per suit cost.

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