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That was a quick reply. I needed some time to think of a way to relate it to something.
Take the "sharing economy" and let's say power tool rentals. More specifically a cordless drill.

The problem: People spend money ($30 ?) on drills and hardly ever use them (1-2 times a year?).
The solution: Lease a drill for a few bucks. You save and I earn money. Win-win right?
Th reality: No one needs a drill, they need a hole. The drill (and bit) is the solution. How important is the hole?
Cost: it cost more to go get (rent) and return the drill than it would to buy one. Did I mention drill bits?
Alternatives: there's more than one way to make a hole in something (a nail, a bullet, an ice pick, etc.)

And last because it's the most important question you need to answer (by asking people): Who cares enough to pay for it and how much are they willing to pay?

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