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Ellen and Kerry, I couldn't agree with you more. Kerry brings up a good point, too. Intuition includes facts. As Kerry states, these are tiny tid-bits that you've stored up over time through learning experiences. These ARE YOUR facts.

And the power of intention here comes into play as well. Every intention that you have shoots powerful bursts of energy into your surroundings - and eventually that energy manifests itself and makes your intention become your reality. You can literally "place" your intentions upon someone or something.

"Be careful what you wish for." Don't let your fears become your intentions. Otherwise, they just might come true.

If your thoughts remain pure and positive in nature, I do believe that your reality will manifest itself as such and follow suit. So, I say again, "Be careful what you wish for."

I just read a scientific article this weekend that backs up the theory of "gut instincts" due to the fact that your intestines (your guts) have more nerve receptors and nervous systems connections running through them than your spinal cord does. Additionally, it's interesting to note that your skin has these tiny receptors as well. So when your gut starts twisting or your skin starts crawling - it's actually all of these tiny receptors firing warnings to you.

You really ought to listen . . .

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