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Lightbulb Build Your Own Affiliate Page... This Is Really Working.


How much times have you heard about building your own affiliate page to promote your main affiliate program sort of a landing page leading to you affiliate program?

Well, I put it to the test and I got some serious results and I am going to tell you how to do it right now. Instead of sending visitors directly to your affiliate programs main page, create your own page first, because directing them to your affiliate program page is to direct and forward...

Let me give you a simple and effective way that I have been testing for a while now and is producing results like I never seen before...

Grab a mini-site template...

Create the perfect headline, description and demand in your product on your minisite... Make sure you state the benefits of your product only and include pictures of the product or testimonials, anything that creates a desire in your visitors mind that keeps them glued to the page and wanting to get more information.... BUT do not offer your product on that page or signup link on that page! Make sure you create a opt in form that captures your visitors information, mainly just Firstname and E-mail address or you can choose more... ex: Take a look at my site in my signature line.

Grab a Autoresponder...

One of the most powerful tools on the internet is the autoresponder... Once you have your website built and opt in forms are working correctly, create a series of pre written emails (recommended) no more than 7 letters. So when a visitor fills out the form your message is automatically delivered to them giving them more information on your product, and the rest of the letters is to follow up with your subscriber... Important, do not just send emails asking to buy or signup, give great content on how your product can help them with their businesses or how it can help them start a business, and articles with your experience of what works that can save them time...

You can use a free autoresponder supplied by, this is a real good autoresponder that you can store as much messages as you want.

Or if you want to upload leads that you collected or bought with your target market, then I highly recommend, with aweber you can create unlimited autoresponders within the same campaign and you can upload batches of leads.

Once you get everything set up in place, make sure you test it yourself to make sure your emails are going out, make sure your pictures links and forms are working properly... Use this simple method right here, and I bet you will start getting serious results with your affiliate program... Just another method that I have personally tested and use currently, thanks for reading.

Again, just for example take a look at my website in my signature line to give you an idea and visual, this started working so good and making me serious money I am going to get a domain and host just for this website alone... Good luck on your project

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