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Default Need Your Help: Please Review My Site.

I NEED HELP! For years now I have been going round and round on what to offer on my web site. Right now I show articles for Small Business owners and startups on my home page. I also offer technical services like web site hosting, setting up newsletters, developing web sites, etc. At first I couldn’t get affiliate advertisers but now I have them asking for me to advertise their products so that is great but I have almost ZERO traffic. My site needs a total make over but it seems like all I do is redo my site. I want to go on to other sites I have started.

I would greatly appreciate a site evaluation. What do I need to do to accomplish the following?

O Reduce bouncing
O Have more visitors
O Have visitors stay on longer
O Get visitors to make purchases from advertisers

Thank you in advance!

Also, I am not looking for someone to advertise their services, i.e. “buy my SEO how to,” “Let me design the perfect site for you” etc.

The web site is:

My target market is individuals seeking help on starting or growing a small business.

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