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Originally Posted by seogurbir View Post
Move on from the social bookmarks, directories and all the worthless tactics you have learnt to build backlinks. They don't pass much authority as it stands and with time they might even get completely devalued.

There are strategies that can serve your purpose and actually help you in acquiring links which matter. I will share one strategy that I think might be worth it's weight in gold. I just came across it today and I am going to try it soon.

So, what happened was that while surfing the Web for a particular topic(I won't reveal that),
I came across an article which was ranking first. Naturally, I opened it and upon reading it found it to be severely outdated, providing littlet to no value. A quick check in Ahrefs revealed 500+ referring domains and over 1.7k backlinks.

Now, what I plan to do is write my version on the same topic which would be completely up-to-date and hopefully better. Then, I'll pitch the article to the same people who have linked to the outdated article. Even if I can attract 3-4% of the 500+ referring domains, I'll consider it a worthy investment.

P.S - I know this strategy must be somewhere on the net, the likes of Brian Dean, Jon Cooper or some expert might have shared this, I just wanted you guys to know this. Going to share this on other forums as well.

P.P.S if anyone needs SEO services, you can message me or visit the agency I work at -> SEO Discovery
Hey, do you have other strategy you can recommend for us?

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