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Default Why Hackers Love Small Businesses

Over at The Small Business Trends Radio web site, an episode recently featured a discussion regarding why hackers love small businesses. I found much of the information contained in the episode to be quite surprising. Security is important, especially for small business owners - and you are more of a target than you may think!

In this episode, our featured guest, Thomas Raef, Founder of e-Based Security, offers several solutions to discover whether or not your system has been captured.

What do hackers want? A hackers ultimate goal is to gain control of your system and posses the ability to be able to perform their desired tasks in stealth mode.

What do hackers do with the information? Brace yourself. The information that is gained by controlling your system is likely to be sold. The hackers will post credit card numbers for free. Others use these numbers, verify their authenticity, and comment. Once this is done, the hackers value increases as the information he is selling is proved legitimate.
I wanted to share this episode because the information and understanding that can be gained from it are very valuable to the small business owner. Knowledge is power!

Staci Wood | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Trends

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