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For my web applications: Ruby on Rails + MySQL hosted on Ubuntu linux (Amazon AWS). I do local coding on a Mac. Used to use the Django web framework (with the same database management system and environment). For blogs: WordPress. I do most of my code editing in Sublime Text 2 (transitioned from TextMate several months ago). When I need a step-through debugger, I use the debugger in JetBrains' RubyMine IDE (for general code editing tasks, though, that IDE is too big and slow to get around, which is why I use Sublime). If you haven't discerned as much: I really believe a quick and easily navigable code editor is essential. I also think that strong debuggability is critical in whatever tool you're using to build a web app, which is why I haven't used PHP to build a proper web app in years (minus PHP-powered CMSes like WordPress).

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