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Default Great project, but is it real?

[ADMIN NOTE: This thread was split from the Zero Cash thread.]

Hey what a wonderful idea!

I've been working on building a Small Business web site for the better part of six months... full time

I've learned some great tricks from your work.

But I do have to ask -

a) Is it real that the common Small Business Person has access to all the Blogs that originally created your Viral Marketing traffic?
b) The event itself generates traffic, how can the average Small Business Person expect to repeat that effect?
c) Is it real that you received Google indexing at day 10? My experience, and maybe others, Google indexing and Google traffic takes months to acquire! Personally I've sent out over 400 emails for recip links. This has resulted in about a dozen responses, of which, Google has tracked only 1!

There is much more to discuss put I think you get the point.

I came into this bright eyed and bushy tailed and am gathering a different feeling. This exercise seems more akin to Martha Stewart saying to the girl scout, watch how I sell brownies. Martha immeadiately goes to her speed dialer and starts making calls

None the less, its a fun read!

PS - I've started a small business web site and have worked it on average 65 hours a week. It's a good unique idea that produces content. Currently I am seeing 40 unique visitors a day and have a Google Page Rank of 1. Sadly I find myself spending 85% of the time wearing a SEO hat, and 15% of my time creating content.

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