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Default Thanks!

Thanks for the welcome. I am glad we're all interested in answering the questions rather then complain about the difficulty of the question!

TheJenn - I had another analogy involving Donald Trump... well...

This will be my last post on this thread about my thoughts (and perhaps other Start Up's thoughts?) on the exercise. I don't want to break the GREAT fun of your exercise. However, I still would like to respond to the comments my original post brought. Perhaps we should commence another thread?

Before I begin, again, I think watching Jenn work her magic is fantastic. However, as someone who's living, breathing and NOT eating () working on an Internet Startup, I've got to ask some real relevant questions.

Logan -

a) CafeExpress linkage is an asset. This asset isn't readily available to some Start Ups (service industries, portals, etc.). I will gladly hang off a visible site to improve my visibility and I am sure others would to.

b) To say links aren't mandatory to climbing search engine flies in the face of even the search engine's recommendations. Yes, relevancy is very important. However, I am confused - I see that 'thelactivist' site is back-linked from sites in the Netherlands (,,, etc.). Is the data wrong? If not, how does a Media Fact site in the Netherlands relate to Breastfeeding T-Shirts? Some of those lil quips are fantastic - but I am not so sure they will translate well in Dutch.

In addition, are you suggesting not seeking relevent/quality links?

c) Spend 15% of my time on SEO work? This too is confusing since Jenn created 1000 uniques in 8 days, demonstrating her SEO skill. My data point is 1000 uniques per month, after 6 months work. I sent you an email with the specifics, and will gladly provide further info on another thread. Summarily speaking, I will put my content up against any of the top 10 Subject Keyword, Google Ranked sites. As mentioned before I am not ranked on Google.

d) Yes the traffic from peepers to the exercise will not result in sales. But buzz is buzz and it does make it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Conduct the exercise, and then post the diary?

e) Re - Linking the 'thelactivist' to 'smallbus....'. It would be very nice if we all had GPR 3 + contacts. No, my network or my community does not include GPR + contacts but I am spending a lot of time attempting to fix this problem. But again, are we attempting to get back links or not? Are we trying to get relevant links or not?

Robert - Care to share how Patrick got in that jam??? 2 x 4 nailed to the forehead?

a) I concur with your comments about building name or brand as the case may be. However this formula isnít a fit all. Giving it a quick thought, seems like a great formula for the cottage or niche business out there. Do you think got started this way? In my industry, itís not too applicable.

b) CafeExpress + Quality Pre existing BLOG Contacts + Small Biz/High GPR Rank Backlinks + etc. are ingredients that are key to the recipe!

Final Thoughts Ė

Confusion Area #1 - I ran Jennís web page through WEBCeo . There were no meta keywords, or keywords period. Is this a strategy?

Confusion Area #2 Ė What is the link strategy being advocated, no links, quality links? If links, how does the Small Biz link help the Breast Feeding site? To say nothing about the .NL sites, if the data from WEBCeo is good.

Not to get to far ahead, but I have extreme confidence in Jenn and her magic Given success, it will be interesting to assess the success factors? Who wins the biggest wedge in the pie chart?

The Industry Folk would like to believe it looks like thisÖ

Content - 90%
SEO Tuning - 10%

Current Reality is -

Content - 10%
SEO Tuning - 90%

Isn't Jenn demonstrating that SEO Tuning is key? The greater the success of the exercise the more this is demonstrated!

Thanks for the ton of fun and ton of learnings

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