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Melinda, are you serious? Dr. Sears is your ped? That is fantastic! I feel like I now know someone that knows a rock star! Dr Sears' birth book is fantastic (I'm a natural birth proponant as well...) and the quality of information that he has on breastfeeding is top notch. (I've also got his Discipline book)

(For those who aren't familiar with Dr. Sears...he's is to Pediatrics and Parenting as Danny Sullivan is to SEM.)

I would LOVE to get in touch with Dr. Sears. My dream is to get someone like him helping spread the word about the milk bank shirts. I was just talking to the milk bank director yesterday and they are still at the point where even a $20 donation is a God-send. If I can get The Lactivist built up to the point where it can generate some actual dollars for them, we can really go a long way toward helping spread awareness of this.

Please drop me an email about this... jennifer at search engine guide dot com

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