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Default What Insurance Do I Need

Hi all,

We are setting up a business in hk to help tutors of different types of classes to find the venues they need and fulfill all paperwork. So when a client wants to setup a class, say yoga class, we help him to find a place (community centre for example) and also sort out all other things, all he needs is to teach the class at the venue.

One of the things we need to help our clients is insurance coverage. We want to make sure that all classes processed by us are covered by liability insurance, in case the students broke their legs or damage the property etc. but instead of buying insurance for them one by one, which requires insurance underwriting of each class and therefore takes longer time, we want to buy a business insurance for our company that could potentially extend the coverage to their classes.

I learned from insurance company that general liability insurance may not extend the coverage to these classes which are not conducted by us. Is there a way i can buy an insurance to cover these classes?

Thanks for your help


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