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Excel (or any other spreadsheet) might be a nice weapon of choice. Create a simple billing database.

Each job has its own row, with columns for all the obvious stuff like Customer Name, Supervisor in Charge, Address, Phone No., Job Description, Contract Amount, Date Started, Date Completed, Date Billed, Date Received, ......

A simple formula taking the difference between the current date and Date Billed gives you the Days Outstanding at a glance.

If need be, individual jobs can occupy multiple rows. Make sure there's a column for entering the unique job number or identifier on each row, and then Excel's filtering functionality can let you click on a particular job number and see all of that job's multiple rows gathered together on the screen, regardless of where they actually exist within the data table.

Excel is easily customizable to create whatever billing and AR management capabilities you might need; if you already have a copy it won't cost you anything but a little time; and with creative use of Excel's functions (and/or a little VBA programming) you can make a pretty sophisticated data analysis tool.

Good luck with it, and with the business.

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