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Originally Posted by MBA Trainer View Post
In the past article directories were the great resource for SEO campaign but today guest posting are at the high priority for SEO campaign. Please guide me which resource is most effective.
Depending on which directories you are talking about. There are business directories and they are absolutely appropriate method of link-building. From the marketing point of view you just make your business known by your target audience. Moreover, such directories as Trustpilot, or Stock websites tell about your business, first - due to the customer reviews, second to stock quotes and your business value. One more argument in a favour of this link type is that they are described in Google Accessors Guidelines (here is a link to PDF file) as White-hat techniques which Google considers when evaluating you backlink profile.

Second directory types are the "link-submit" directories. They are usually useless for your TA and bring not and added value to your users. They are only used for SEO-benefits to manipulate Google SERP. Such links are very risky as they're usually DOFOLLOW Anchor links on the pages with 100-1000 other outgoing external links. They're also hard to take off in the case when you need to clear your backlinks profile. Moreover directories risking to be filtered by Google and such links (especially anchor dofollow links which pass Page Rank will strongly damage your rankings). So I strongly not recommend to use them.

Anyway, if you still decide to use directories - be careful, look Similarweb to detect the traffic changes. If it falls - skip this donor. Also, check the positions, Keyword changes in Ahrefs and other indirect criteria of website "well-being". Surely, you should match the number of inсoming and outgoing external links. The number of incoming links should be much more than outgoing due to the "link juice" passed.

As for me and my experience the best links are still when your competitors link to your website. So juxtapose these criteria of donor as like as your competitors and try to apply this experience to your potential donor website.

I have a website Pokieslab for Australian market of online games (6 moth old). I do not like to build links and I just waiting util the links appear by itself - and they will as I submitted it to business directories and real players are already post their comments and it's amazing. If you want to give me any advice according to backlinks is the link to it. Further I'm thinking to apply content marketing strategies to get viral effects.. Will see. If you have any questions or recommendations according to the best links - I'll be also greatly indebted to see your ideas.

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