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Default WAHM (Work at Home Mom)

I read a post this morning regarding a recent survey conducted on women-owned businesses:

According to a report recently issued by the U.S. Small business Administration's Office of Advocacy, women-owned firms increased nearly 20% in the five years between 1997 and 2002.

Women-owned businesses number 6.5 million (not counting farms).

However, almost 80% of them bring in less than $50,000 annually. And 86% have no employees.

What's more, almost one third of self-employed people (i.e., the no-employee business owners) are moonlighters, meaning they are both an employee somewhere and have a business. Most likely the business is on the side.
I believe a large portion of these numbers represents the WAHM's or the work at home mothers. There are many websites dedictated to this very topic and I believe these numbers will only continue to grow as the WAHM's are developing new services, operating websites and offering support and advice to one another. You can read the press release here.

Do we have any WAHM's or SAHM's (stay at home mom's) out there? What type of business are you operating and what services are you offering?

Let us hear from you!

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