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Default To The Small Business Owners!

I have a very specific question that I am hoping that any and all small business owners will be willing to weigh in on.

I own a small internet service, Online Business Improvement Services.

In a nutshell, my business helps small businesses increase their Yelp, Angie's List, Google+, Citysearch and all other online public review websites ratings.


Well, first, I use backlinking, seo, fake reviews blah blah blah... Kidding.

I actually provide "tools" for small business owners to reach out to their real customers. These tools dramatically increase the chance of their happy customers leaving positive reviews, while simultaneously providing a place for unhappy customers to complain (instead of complaining on your Yelp page..).

When I actually score a meeting, my clients understand exactly how low-risk my service is. In fact, whether my service works or not is entirely in the hands of my clients. Like I said before, I basically just rent out tools at a monthly fee.

SO! My question is:

How on earth do I reach out to you people?!

So far I have:

1) Emailed local business owners struggling on Yelp. Just a quick email explaining who I am and briefly how I can help.

2) Hard mailed a copy of local business owners struggling on Yelp. My envelope includes: First page print out of Yelp and Google, A quick letter explaining who I am and how I can help, and a poker chip that reads "Don't leave your reputation up to chance," on one side, and "Can you afford to risk your reputation?", on the other. This makes the mail a little lumpy, and I think it increases the chance of the mail not being passed over as quickly.

What am I doing now?

It seems so many people have been SCREWED over by "competitors" that talk the talk but don't walk the walk. All business owners already hate Yelp. Now, because I'm so late to the game, everyone hates anyone that has a solution to their Yelp problem, too (because they never work).

I am about to head to the post office with another 75 letters. I have decided to send these letters focusing on people who are hurting on Angie's List this time around, hoping that people will think it's less of a scam if I don't mention Yelp until I score a meeting and people can see how low-risk my service is.

Unless this is a slam dunk (doubtful), I'm stuck, friends. I haven't walked into a place with information because I don't want to be a bother to the manager/ business owner. I want people to receive my information in a low-pressure environment.

So in short, how would YOU like to be marketed to?

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