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Default When do I charge for services?

I'm starting up a company in which I attend weddings and provide the service of rolling cigars and providing product. All of the materials will be paid by the customer and the customer will receive all of the product output.
What I'm not sure of is how to handle billing the customer. I'm considering a simple website that will receive credit card payments but I would still have to talk to clients about scheduling before they commit.
I feel like it would be awkward to ask for money at a wedding and so I would like to know if that is normal practice (for DJs or Photographers, etc.). Do clients expect to pay upfront or after? I can also have access to a card machine to accept payments at the wedding. I understand that clients may not want to pay for something they haven't received yet but I feel the same way about providing services that do not get compensated.
What's normal? I've never had my own company and I never had to bill anyone before. Thanks everyone for your experience and input!

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