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no-one knows for sure what level of link building may decide is 'bad' - so as such I don't worry about it.

However, just the fact that you thinking about building 120 links a day and you worry about it, this probably means you should worry about it. Chances are even you think the links you are getting could be of less than 'good' quality.

If I was getting 120 links of good quality a day to my site I wouldn't worry at all. So, the thing to do is not to think about the number of links but where they are coming from.

IF the links are from places that people would LIKELY (or even possibly) do business with you from then that's fine; if it's a link for links sake, that is bad.

So, for example:

1/ A link in a list of 1000 with ramdom topics: how likely is it that you will get business through it?

2/ A link from a blog, around your topic, with 1000s of readers a week/month who see a good report on your service/or a good product review: how likely?

For me:
120 links a day from 2/ - no problem.
120 links a day from 1/ - problem

I know these are possibilities are the extreme ends of the link building spectrum, but should give you some idea of what I believe you need to think about.

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