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I knew someone who did really well just selling Egyptian Cotton. They had it produced, packaged and shipped out from over seas for a very low cost so there wasn't much overhead, and then the domestic value garnished three or four times the overhead so it was pretty lucritive for something the seller never even physically saw.

Selling exclusive items can be lucritive if what you have is available for a short period of time but many people want it. Geographical exclusivitiy can really help too. I have sold things for four to ten times their worth by finding such items. The drawback is that it requires lots of travel to do this sort of selling or conneting with people that will get it for you but then that entails mark up.

Ebay, as others here already suggested, is not as simple as it looks, if you want it to be a successful stream of income. There is a lot of research but much of it can be done on Ebay and just diligently watching other people's auctions and listings to determine trends and ways to compete. However, this is continual research as your competition is employing the same research tactics and will adjust to compete back at you. Also, tracking your own success and trying different times, shipping methods ets. will help you find success. Ebay also gives you statistics and percentages if you open a storefront through their site but there are some stipulations to that.

Good Luck everyone!

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