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Hi Lou,

I see you still haven't update your website since the last time we talked.

With respect to using e-mail, my experience has shown that sending out regular text messages get past spam filters a lot easier as opposed to HTML messages. Besides, HTML messages come across as screaming 'SALE'. A text message is a lot more like regular e-mail that most people are used to receiving.

I also agree that (specially in your business) you need pictures. A properly organized e-mail campaign will have content on your website with the photos and details you need. Probably a lot more than you would put in an e-mail.

Then, you use text based e-mail to link back to your site. That way people receiving your e-mail simply click thru to view that page.

I will say it now... some will argue that every time you have to add a click (like a link instead of putting the images in an HTML message) you may have some readers 'drop off'. BUT... I would rather have my message GET to the people... as opposed to using HTML messages and have a huge loss to spam filters.

In addition to that, you can set up messages to track without doing the fancy HTML message that gets nailed in spam filters.

By the way, I had another look at your site. You don't seem to have an opt-in e-mail list. How are you harvesting e-mail accounts?? If you are just gathering them, you should reconsider your tactics because you could be crossing the lines of spam with respect to the CAN-SPAM act.

Hope this helps! Good luck! Let me know if I can help you with this!

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