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Hi Logan,

Thanks for the link to that tool. I played around a little bit with it last night, seems pretty helpful for testing out color schemes. One question I have is what did you mean by "I encourage you to create a good professional design for yourself and then also provide a white label version others can use with their own website design." Do you mean for me to improve the look of my site to make it look more professional and also have another version that small businesses can incorporate right into their site? I'm not sure how to do that but I think it might be a pretty good idea though.

I actually already have unique title tags on all my pages, I think I might need to change them around though. For instance I have " | Login" but maybe I should change it to "Login |" so Login does not get cut off in the tab. I guess for SEO it wouldn't matter, but for people using my site it might make a difference just changing the order of the titles. I've been thinking of building up some more videos on Youtube as well and have started submitting articles to Ezine. I just launched the site Sept 15th so I haven't been able to do a bulk of the SEO stuff until now. I personally think I might be better off trying to go to local businesses to see if they would be interested in using it. It helps it's free so at least I don't have to really try to sell something.

What's interesting is I actually asked in a separate thread about SEO strategies for sites that don't have a lot of content. Besides a blog, I don't really see an opportunity to add content without making it look like I'm just adding in fluff.

Hi kalyptra,

Thank you for your input. When I first thought of the idea I had no website experience so I taught myself HTML, CSS etc. through I actually built most of this website using just Notepad and playing around with html, so that's why it looks like a project made by a student. I think you are correct in that in order to attract business managers the site needs a more professional look to it. Now that I have all the functionality of the site complete I should focus more on the design. I'll work around with colors and opacity effect. It's good to hear the concept of my site is good, but I think everyone has confirmed what I already knew...I need to make my site look more like a professional site. By the way, I like the way your site layout looks. I'll be looking around for websites that teach that so if anyone knows of any free ones, feel free to throw them my way

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