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Default Thoughts?

I believe radio to be a next to dying market simply because people are sick and tired of push style marketing. I will agree that it does depend on your location but for the most part, I think people feel the same. Think about it... people who do radio are looking for the most ears and that tends to be in the morning and afternoon traffic hours. But, if you're like me, you aren't really paying attention to the radio ads but more focusing on not crashing into anyone during rush hour.
In our market over here, you're looking at $5000 PER WEEK average for unmeasurable results. How can you tell your campaigns are working? How do you measure the success? By foot traffic?

We focus our attention online as we can measure those results which in turn maximizes our marketing dollars. Couple that with effective offline strategies such as print and banners, both complement each other for a full circle marketing campaign.

There are right ways to do things and wrong ways... Wrong was really hurt so make sure you are doing things right.
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