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Hi how is everyone? I am Tabatha, from Va. I am looking into opening a small business... I want to know things from other s.b. owners. I am in my research and planning stage! This is want I am looking at
Opening a Sub/Pizza delivery store.
question 1 Would it better me to have eat in or only take out? I know there is a difference in the liscensing.
I want to have 2 full time employees and 2 part time after I have been opened a month. I feel this will be more than enough because, I currently run a carry out delivery only sub shop and I work 60-70 plus hours a week as store manager. I feel I already do the job so I should be doing it for myself.
2.)How much profit should I expect to make? (In General)
I would love any info you all could give me!!

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