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Thanks for the response. I had a typo that I fixed. We're adding a few to several people a day, not a month as I mistakenly typed.

We have tremendous credibility in the sport. We had a previous business where we were the major innovators and retailers in the sport. We didn't wish to retail anymore and sold the business and the new owners tanked it in under 3 years through ineptitude. Many people introduce me as the guy who created the sport, which is untrue. I'm just the person who did something about it to make it more appealing to the masses so it could grow. It worked and the sport is growing nicely.

We have deliberately not become part of any factory teams so we could stay neutral within the sport. This gives us tremendous credibility because readership knows where not shills. We use what we use because we like it and for no other reason.

Also I am the author of the most comprehensive book on the subject which many consider the bible of the sport.

I'll PM you.

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