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Default 4 Things You Must Consider Before Moving Your Business To New Premises

Who knows what new heights of growth, prosperity and productivity 2019 will bring for your business? You may well find that this is a transitional year for you. A year in which you outgrow the limitations of your current business model, throw out the rule book and rewrite a new one as you go along. This can be extremely exciting and liberating… It can also be kind of scary! As you take baby steps down the path to sustainable growth you may feel like a novice all over again, grappling with the inherent challenges of growth like you’re still a year one entrepreneur.

This is all part of the learning curve of entrepreneurship and should be embraced. Take searching for a new premise, for example. When you first started out, your selection criteria for a premise was probably pretty simple. The only real question was “what’s available”. Now that you’ve reached a period of growth, however, you need to think a little more strategically. You’ll need to consider.

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