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Default Can Anyone Recommend An Email Client?

Hi Guys,

I have been having a heck of a time finding a suitable email client for my Company emails.

My hope is to use either a free or open source client that can have multiple pop3 accounts.

Currently all my company emails are using Gmail as my email client, but I do not like that fact that all your folders (well there is no such thing in Gmail) are virtual which makes it very hard for me to organize the incoming email properly.

My first thought was to use an email client by Zoho, but to use their service the most effective way possible, you really need to move your email hosting over to their servers, and this causes a lot of trepidation for me! 1. I don't want my email to be hosted on a server I have no control over. 2. It's really most ideal to leave your email and website hosting with the same hosting company. 3. I am limited to using their client which limits what I can use along with my email such as CRM, Email Marketing, Forms, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have accounts with Sumo, HubSpot, and Vericle Response. That covers my CRM, Forms, and Email Marketing. Now I just need an excellent email client that who knows may actually have plugins etc to work with those services.

Thanks in Advance!

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