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Post How VoIP And The Cloud Have Transformed The Way People Work

At some point, telecommuting meant no more than working from one’s kitchen table, saving work onto a floppy disk, and perhaps sending the files to the office using dial-up modem. Videoconference was unheard of, there was no softphone to move one’s office extension to whatever location you were at the moment, no virtual meetings with colleagues, Google Hangouts, or Chatters.

Given the conditions, telecommuting was consigned to second-tier employees who were cut out of the water-cooler loop. Companies were hesitant to embrace early telecommuting since it lacked any semblance of real collaboration, and also because it lacked built-in oversight mechanisms.

You could still argue that the spontaneous and informal discussions that take place in the office halls and break room are in the real sense vital to the health of the enterprise. Continue reading:

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