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There are a lot of advantages to having a blog on your main page so it is something to consider, but it of course will depend on a lot of factors:

Can you change the look? - Will you be able to edit it to create the look you want for your site. Though this may not be the most important factor it's important that you are able to edit it to create the layout and look you want.

How will you use it? - What is your goal with the blog? Do you want to use it to show off your expertise or to make money directly from the blog? If you are looking to make money directly from the blog as a main part of your business then you'll want it on the main page. If you want to highlight your services, etc, then you may want a blog linked off the main page.

Will you use it as a BLOG or Content Management System? - If you were using a system like wordpress you can get thousands of templates for free, and you can also set up your blog to look like a website, or content management system. I did this for a friend here: She has pages set up and is able to edit everything herself, and she can also make blog posts if she likes. I've also done something similar here: - where the blog is on the main page and then there are website pages off that page.

If you want people to find your blog, I would list it in with the main navigation.

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